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Volunteer to Serve with AMP!


AMP is currently seeking nominations for elected volunteer positions on the 2018 ballot. Volunteer responsibilities for the various positions can be found here https://www.amp.org/about/who-we-are/elected-positions-descriptions/   Self-nominations or nominations of others who you think would be great candidates are welcome and encouraged!  Be prepared to submit a brief (200 words or less) statement indicating why you or the nominee would be well suited for the position as well as a CV (for self-nominations). Only “Regular” members (includes Technologists and Early Career) are eligible for an elected position. Nominate here



Board of Director Positions:

·         President-Elect

·         Program Committee Chair-Elect

·         Clinical Practice Committee Chair

·         Membership Affairs Committee Chair

·         Genetics Subdivision Chair

·         Infectious Diseases Subdivision Chair

·         Informatics Subdivision Chair

Subdivision Representative (each subdivision has one open position to the committees listed):

·         Clinical Practice Committee

·         Nominating Committee

·         Program Committee

·         Training & Education

*Technical Topics Representative to the Program Committee (only non-doctoral members are eligible)

Nominate here

Deadline: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 11:59pm Eastern